Trump: ‘Get that son-of-a-b**** off the field’

Trump: ‘Get that son-of-a-b**** off the field’

While in Huntsville, Alabama, President Trump said, ‘Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘get that son-of-a-b**** off the field right now, out. He’s fired.”


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  1. matt melendrez

    I respect MY american flag and its the same flag as my great grandfather in ww2 taking on the germans in Europe but today its not the same flag as it was so many years ago.Just the same colors,but a sad meaning of police states and closet racism and a whiny bastard as president.

  2. Smokin Gun

    Our flag represents the people, our States as a nation, and all who have served in our armed forces that have died and those that have lived through it and those currently enlisted.maybe we should recite the pledge of allegiance instead…

  3. Daniel Madden

    Fired Fired Fired that is what King Nebachadnezzer did to Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego he through them in the fire because they would not bow down to the image of the state goverment. Nebachadnezzer wanted everyone to worship his goverment. God sent his angel to deliver them from the furnace, Nebachadnezzer bowed down to Jehovah God asking for mercy. God showed him mercy. Mankind must love honor respect and obey Jehovah the Almighty God. Anyone who does not respect and obey God has no authority.

  4. Daniel Madden

    The bible says soon the wicked will be forced to war with God, everyone must decide to obey God and live, or rebell and experiance humiliation in defeat and destruction. We will worship God and live under his goverment by Christ or we will worship man and his corrupt political goverments. Whose side will you choose Satan or Jehovah. Who do you want to love Satan or Jehovah, who do you want to be your enemy Satan or Jehovah ? The bible is clear Satan will soon be defeated and removed, Jehovah is soon going to give Jesus the command to war with Satan in the battle of armeggeddon, Jesus will remove Satan from earth and those who follow Satan. Mankind will get to watch and survive and enter into Gods kingdom with Jesus Christ as king, ask Jehovah to help you survive, listen to him respect him and obey his law of love. He will help you, Jesus said keep on asking and you will recieve. Your prayers will determine your succes and not your sin and imperfection.

  5. Daniel Madden

    God allowes goverments to exist to maintain order, we are to honor respect and obey their authority, but exclusive worship and devotion belongs to God. We do not worship human goverments. All goverments will do well when they respect God and the freedom he has given to mankind. Gods laws are superior to mans laws. Goverments will benefit when they respect God. Goverment should help their people be law abiding honest and truthful by setting a good example. Goverments can do good with Gods blessing or they can do bad and loose God's undeserved kindness. Even if a goverment is bad God can still bless the good and rightouse ones. So seek Gods rightouseness and all things needed will be provided. Mattew chapter 6.

  6. Diego Silerio

    Donald J. Trump, A perfect example of an immature President… A President with no sign of intelligence nor dignity.

    His speeches are all scripted and they have no meaning. He curses like he's performing at a comedy show without any signs of caution, meaning that he doesn't care if his cussing will lead a bad example for our children.

    Such abuse of Authority and Dignity from this Dumbass.

    Oh wait… He never had any dignity to begin with.

  7. J K

    This is all a big joke, millionaires on different sectors bickerimg at each other while the peasants who fund them are upset at each other. Floyd said it best, focus on yourself not what any of these other guys are doing.

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