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  1. Greg Lamar

    the stupid one is the man who is supposed to be fixing everything but he is not doing anything open your mind up and look at the picture your commander and thief or whatever you want to call him is not interested in trying to fix the problems this man is going out on the campaign Trail telling people that football players are sons of b**** how is that intelligent but you will praise everything that he says out of his mouth and I have said nothing derogatory about anyone except him this man is not trying to fix the problems that he is helping to create flat out

  2. Greg Lamar

    not trying to fix this problem and the problem of people not having jobs kids able to go to school he is an insulting everyone that he can and I see people on television every day jumping screaming hollering waving their Flags crazy this idiot but I'm the idiot I'm the dumb one I'm stupid wow I'm just trying to get a job like everyone else and take care of my family

  3. Greg Lamar

    but when people are close-minded they only see things through a narrow lens they do not have a wide scope of what is really taken place you have a president who is calling people all sorts of names and no one can beams him for that this man will get on national television and tell you a lie straight in your face and you have people praising him everywhere but I am a person struggling like some of you are and I am told that I am stupid I haven't lied to you once this is the same man that said let the Auto industry collapse but I'm stupid if the Auto industry had a collapsed this country would definitely be in Ruins LOL

  4. Greg Lamar

    Donald Trump is the same man who said he was going to fix everything it was going to be great when is he going to get started you should be calling him up telling him that he is stupid and that you wasted your vote on his dumb ass because he is going around the country still campaigning I don't even think he realizes that he is President this man doesn't know anything about policies get off Donald Trump's dick please and get back to the real world so that the people who are in need can get jobs and resources to make it in this world life is short money is not going to save us but it will help us for the short time that we are here LOL

  5. Greg Lamar

    and once again I wish the people in the church a speedy recovery but if Donald Trump was going to fix everything why can't he tap into the mind of these American terrorists that are running around with these guns shooting innocent people in churches schools and everywhere why can't the Fix-It man solve this problem LOL Mister stupid

  6. Greg Lamar

    you have a president who gets on National Television until black NFL players in basketball players to put their hand over their heart and praise the national anthem and basically he is saying f*** your freedom of speech don't have an issue with some of the things that is going on just accept it and pray for freedom and justice for all but I doubt if you black people get it but just put your hand over your heart and pray for it maybe you will one day this dude is a joke and then he calls their mothers sons of b**** this man is really fixing things he is a f**** genius

  7. Greg Lamar

    I am not going to call you any of the derogatory names that I could call you due to the fact that you called the NFL players niggars and all of this kind of thing there's no need for me to go through all of that there's a lot of your white women f**** these niggars that you are speaking of and that's cool so at the same time that you are using these derogatory names to describe the NFL we don't give a f*** if you shut the NFL down or not we do not give a f*** I barely have time to watch the s*** and those niggars that you are talking about in the NFL right now got plenty m********** money I'm sure they have more money than your broke ass so work on getting your bank roll up and stop talking all this b***** because we going to get paid by hook or crook it doesn't make us any difference and while you are talking all of that s*** work on getting these white kids off of this heroin that your country is letting in here LOL sad but true

  8. Greg Lamar

    even Donald Trump is capitalizing off of some of the heroin distribution you just don't know about it it's called The Chain of Command he is not getting it he is not collecting it but believe me he has his hands in it especially being from New York City and if he don't have his hands in it some of his buddies do so why you are wasting time talking that s*** work on that and stop sucking your commander and thiefs dick come back to real reality and look at what is happening between the guns and drugs which one is going to win out and you stupid motherfukers are not trying to do anything to combat these problems you all are too busy jacking Donald Trump's dick off

  9. Greg Lamar

    and look at what is happening between guns and drugs black people are not getting drugs from Turkey cyan Pakistan and all of these other countries the s*** is only getting in here by the hand of rich people Undercover so why don't you stop focusing so much on black people you hate for racist ass kisser and focus on ways to make life better for everyone I'm sure you could use a better-paying job laughing like MF you cannot f*** with me verbally

  10. Greg Lamar

    Donald Trump does not have long either way it goes he is 71 years old I doubt if he makes a second term but you can try and when his term is up whichever way it goes go to your bank and see how much money Donald Trump putting your broke ass pocket the struggle continues for everyone make America great again mr. Fix-It man

  11. Nathaniel Lionheart

    Let me guess? Black and probably a Muslim? Christians have a duty to arm and train themselves. I am not a believer but I know Christians will be targeted. Satanists, Zionists, New World Order types all hate you because you are mostly decent people.

  12. Michael

    The shooter was an immigrant from Sudan who was radicalized by the American mainstream media to hate white people . CNN & MSNBC are as guilty as any Radical imam who preaches war against the infidel.

  13. Rikki Tikki Tavi

    these people are lowlife scum, all these stories are the same. they want us to be scared and fearful of going to church. you never see this fake garbage go down in any of those banks those filthy jew freemasons own. they want you to put your money in those banks. those jews are scum of the earth.

  14. Michael Olender

    ALMOST as bad as Dylan Roof in Charleston. The problem is the media won't cover it. They'll be no protests and no statues will be pulled down. USA TODAY is one of the worst when it comes to sugarcoating these type of crimes. They probably hated to have to report this.


    The Devil is the Devil himself: He doesn't care about color, creed or race; we pray for these godly people and their families for God's love and grace to overflow the victims and their families. Our hearts is with these church members who are righteousness in serving God.

    "1 Corinthians 13:4-5: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs."

  16. Nik -

    And this will not be labeled this a hate crime. If the police try to call this a hate crime, the United States will crumble and fall apart because there is no way a white person could EVER be a victim of racism. … What the hell ever. I sincerely loathe society. I hate racism, (including the N word, for those sick neo nazis here who throw it around) of any kind. I don't care who or what you are. If you're a good person, black , white, purple, blue, you deserve respect. And I agree firearms in the hands of responsible citizens should be allowed in churches. Please note, and I emphasize RESPONSIBLE. Which are the majority of gun owners.

  17. ralph lee

    Another Worthless, Sub-Human and Violent Savage Goblin That Should Never Have Been Allowed in the USA. In the Immortal Words of the Real American Hero and Patriot and the Last "Good Democrat" George Corley Wallace:

  18. Greg Lamar

    you just look and see how much you gain from your commander and Thief see how much money he puts in your pocket while he's in office cuz he ain't going to be there long he won't win the second election believe me in his words please believe me and if I'm a loser I know that you are trumpsters are definitely winning winning winning so much winning he said you're going to be tired of winning he's doing a great job so far doing nothing

  19. Marcus Antonius

    I actually had to search for this story of a black, Sudanese man who used a racial attack to kill whites. Who was inspired by the race baiting PC, SJW rhetoric, biased race baiting media. Had this been reversed, there would be wall to wall coverage and Trump (who I'm no supporter), would be forced to denounce it. I don't care what race or ideology you are, it's equally evil. However the biased coverage and narrative is what inflames me.

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